I.  Application

These general terms and conditions of sale (hereinafter referred to as “GTS”) apply to sales transactions between hotels and guests.

They have cancelled and replaced all previous versions that may have been online and/or accepted by the guest.

These general terms and conditions apply to any use of the site, in particular the Internet and telephone marketing of all services provided by the hotel company ANNAPURNA on the site.

Consequently, it is essential that customers carefully read the general terms and conditions cited by hypertext links on each page of the site. In particular, it is recommended to download and/or print them in order to keep a copy on the day the order may be modified, but to specify that this modification does not apply to orders for previous services. made.

The GTS may be supplemented by specific terms and conditions of sale that appear in the description of the service and the provider’s terms and conditions of sale (accessible on site or on its website).

II.  Ability

The client acknowledges that he or she has the capacity to sign a contract, i.e. that he or she is of legal majority and is not under guardianship or curatorship.

The customer also declares that all beneficiaries of the service (hereinafter referred to as the “beneficiaries”) ordered on the website identified as agents by the customer in his or her name and on his or her behalf use these general terms and conditions to use the site. And to whom these GTS are applicable.

The customer is financially responsible for the use of the website used in his name or on behalf of the beneficiary, unless he can prove that the fraudulent use was not caused by fault or negligence.

The customer uses his data on the website to guarantee the accuracy of the information provided on his behalf and the names of all beneficiaries.

The company reserves the right at all times not to contract with a customer who makes fraudulent use of the site or who contravenes these GTS.

In this respect, the terms of article 313-1 of the French Penal Code are recalled:

“Fraud is the fact, either by the use of a false name or a false quality, or by the abuse of a true quality, or by the use of fraudulent manoeuvres to deceive a natural or legal person and thus to determine it, to its prejudice or to the prejudice of a third party, to hand over funds, securities or any property whatsoever, to provide a service or to consent to an act operating obligation or discharge. Fraud is punishable by five years’ imprisonment and a fine of € 375,000”.

III. Right of withdrawal

Pursuant to the provisions of article L 121-21-8 of the French Consumer Code, the services offered on the site by the company are not subject to the right of withdrawal provided for in articles L 121-21 and following of the French Consumer Code with regard to distance selling.

Consequently, the services ordered on the site are exclusively subject to the cancellation and modification conditions provided for in these GTS and the customer may not invoke the right of withdrawal.

IV.  Price

Prices are in euros. TVA is included in the indicated price. Any change made by the competent authority to the applicable tax rates or any modification or introduction of new laws and taxes will automatically be reflected in the prices displayed on the date of invoice.

The price indicated varies according to the number of people and the room chosen, and according to the period selected.

The price indicated includes only the services strictly mentioned in the reservation. During the reservation period, other services provided by the hotel during the stay and the tourist tax will be increased if applicable.

The prices listed on the website are subject to change by the hotel at any time without prior notice. Only the price indicated in the booking confirmation by the company is binding.

V. Online orders

The customer must obligatorily, at the time of placing his order :

Fill in the identification form on which he will indicate all the requested details.

Fill in the online order form giving all the references of the products or services chosen.

Validate the order after having checked it.

Make the payment via a secure link

Reservations for more than 5 rooms may be subject to special booking and cancellation conditions.

To contact the hotel please call +33 (0)4 79 08 04 60.

Confirmation of the order implies acceptance of these terms and conditions of sale, acknowledgement of their full understanding and waiver of one’s own terms and conditions of purchase or other conditions.

Confirmation of all data and records provided will constitute proof of the transaction. The confirmation will be valid for signature and acceptance of the transactions carried out.

The company will send the order confirmation to the customer by email.

The reservation is only finalised after receipt of the confirmation email sent by the company to the client.

The price, terms and conditions of the reservation are aimed at selling hotel rooms according to their main purpose: accommodation. The hotel reserves the right to modify or cancel the reservation(s), as well as the rates and conditions if the rooms are used for other purposes; such as parties, dinners, meetings, photo or video shootings, written or filmed interviews, shootings for social networks, showrooms etc… (non-exhaustive list) without prior written authorisation from the management. The number of guests in the room must not exceed the number of guests booked, and must not exceed the maximum capacity of the room announced to the Albertville police sub-prefecture (a declaration can be obtained from the hotel management).

VI. Online payment methods

For all bookings, the total amount must be paid before the customer’s stay.

In all cases, in order to guarantee the reservation, the customer makes the payment via a secure link that is transmitted to him. No personal credit card information is recorded by the hotel.

The customer’s bank account is debited on the day the order is placed and the invoice is sent to the customer by the company on the day the customer leaves the hotel.

Please note that the credit card used for the reservation must be presented by the cardholder on the day of arrival.

VII.  Modification and/or cancellation of a reservation

CANCELLATION CONDITIONS (TOTAL OR PARTIAL) for reservations of 5 rooms or more.

In the event of total or partial cancellation of the stay, the compensation due by the client is calculated on the total amount of the services confirmed and then cancelled, as follows :

From the date of booking to 91 days before the date of arrival: 35%.

From 90 to 61 days before the date of arrival: 65%.

From 60 days to 31 days before the arrival date: 80%.

From 30 days to the day of arrival: 100%.

CANCELLATION CONDITIONS (TOTAL OR PARTIAL) for reservations of less than 5 rooms.

From the date of booking to 31 days before the date of arrival: 35%.

From 30 days to the day of arrival: 100%.

The decision to change and/or cancel the reservation is only final after receipt of the company’s confirmation e-mail.

The no-show (reservation not cancelled but for which the customer did not show up) will result in the complete cancellation of the stay.

The customer is requested to plan to arrive at the hotel before 18:00 and to inform the hotel owner in case of late arrival, otherwise the customer will be considered as not having arrived on the first day of the stay..

VIII. Force majeure

Force majeure refers to any unforeseeable and insurmountable event between the two parties, resulting in the failure of the client or the hotel owner to fulfil all or part of the obligations stipulated in the contract.

This is particularly the case in the event of strikes, insurrection, riots, prohibitions issued by government or public authorities.

It is clearly agreed that force majeure will suspend the execution of their mutual obligations towards the parties, and the parties will bear the costs arising from this.

In particular, in the event of force majeure, the customer will only bear the additional costs that may be incurred for the continuation of the trip.

IX. Claims

All complaints should be addressed to the following address: HOTEL ANNAPURNA734 ROUTE DE L’ALTIPORT – 73120 COURCHEVEL – FRANCE, within 15 days of the departure of the stay which is the subject of the said complaint. After this period, no claim can be taken into account.

X. Data processing and liberties

In application of the French law 78-17, known as the “Informatique et Libertés” law, customers are informed that their reservation is subject to computerised personal data processing. Customers have the right to access and rectify the data entered, which can be exercised at the head office : HOTEL ANNAPURNA734 ROUTE DE L’ALTIPORT – 73120 COURCHEVEL – FRANCE. It is specified that this information is not communicated to third parties.

The company offers wifi internet access. The customer undertakes that the computer resources made available to him/her will not be used in any way for the purposes of reproduction, representation, making available or communication to the public of works or objects protected by copyright, by a related right such as texts, images, photographs, audiovisual musical works, software and video games, without the authorisation of the holders of the rights provided for in Books I and II of the intellectual property code when such authorisation is required.

The hotel has video surveillance systems in the common areas of the building and in the car park.

XI. Responsability

The company declines all responsibility in the event of theft, loss or damage to effects belonging to clients during their stay.

The client will be responsible for any damage, degradation, and vandalism caused by the fact that the site is occupied and/or the participant and/or its responsible employees, including furniture, decoration, and real estate not belonging to the hotel. Therefore, the company has the right to require guests to leave the hotel without compensation for expenses, without compensation for current accommodation costs and without compensation for losses caused by such actions.

The company is only bound by obligations of means in the online sales process. It is not liable for damages caused by the use of the internet, such as loss of data, intrusion, viruses, interruption of service or other unexpected problems.

XII. Applicable laws

These General Terms and Conditions of Sale are governed by French law. The same applies to the rules of substance as to the rules of form. Disputes shall fall within the exclusive jurisdiction of the French courts.